Be prepared for the reality of getting a Data Analyst/Science Job

Have you ever asked yourself the question if data science is in demand, then why is it so hard to get a data analytics/science job? When people ask me ‘Ope, can I learn Data Science in 6 months rigorously & get a related role?’, well such questions I really understand are a product of information from an academy or online courses that preaches the good news of how & why having a data skills make you a sought after professional, but the truth is, it’s far from the reality…

Don’t Just Learn Data Science, Solve Business Problems

There is no Data Science if one is not solving a problem because data science is not about the fanciful algorithm or statistical modeling but the end goal is the solution proffered to a problem, and it is no coincidence that Business understanding top the list in the Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining which is the general adopted standard process for solving data-related problems that emphasize the need to focus on solving a problem with data.

This project was inspired by the just concluded Datathon, an International annual 48-hour Data Science Hackathon which brings all Data Scientists from all…


Truly, Death is inevitable, however, some deaths can’t be wished, one of which is death resulting from a car accident. When a death occurs as a result of a car accident, family members are often left shocked, grief tormented, and unsure of the uncertainty that might happen next. For surviving family members of fatal car accidents, there was never a chance to say goodbye to their loved one, resulting in emotional pain and anguish, too.


Can this trauma be avoided? A resonating echoed answer, yes, I believe Data science can help give insights on the time of the day…



You made it!

If you are reading this it’s implies you are either thinking of embarking the journey of honing the skills for the most sought after job which Harvard Business School Review said is the "Sexiest Job in the 21st Century".


Data Analytics Consultant / I love to talk about Data

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